Workshop on basic aspects of fusion plasma physics

Memorial session dedicated to Professor Radu Balescu

"Association Days" of the Association EURATOM - MEdC Romania

Bucharest, September 20 - 22, 2012

The meeting is intended to be the convergence of three events that, we hope, will combine synergetically: the workshop on fusion plasma physics will try to revitalize the interest on basic aspects of confined plasmas, with the aim to contribute to the (always welcomed) conviction that ITER is built on solid knowledge; closely related, the works of the late Professor Radu Balescu will offer a reference for the connection between pure theory and the present applications; finally, the organizational framework will be provided by the "Association Days", the annual meeting of the Association EURATOM - MEdC Romania.

Organized by


   Biblioteca Academiei                                      of the Romanian Academy, Romania


   National Institute of Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics          Romania


   Universiteits Bibliotheek                 of the Katholike Univesiteit Leuven, Belgie


With the support of

          Academia Romana
          Academie Royale de Belgique
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Local Organizing Committee:
Florin Spineanu
Madalina Vlad
Mihaela Dragu
Maria Rafaila